Metal Catladder

Catladder To TVF Shaft

Catladder to Ventilation Bldg

Catladder with Removable Cage

Catladder to 20m Depth Pump Shaft in Progress

Hot dipped galvanised steel catladder with or without safety cages is the most versatile because it is more durable than Aluminium and more economical than stainless steel.

It is used in commerial and residential buildings, infrastructure facilities, etc.

SS Catladder with Cage & Lockable Grille

SS Pool Ladder

Stainless steel catladder, epecially SUS316 is not rust-prone and maintenance free.

And it therefore is usually in watertank, swimming pool, beach side, etc.

Aluminium Retractable & Fixed Catladder

Aluminium catladder is one of standard products, which includes fixed or retractable types with or without safety cages.

Temporary Catladder to 66m Depth Shaft

Temporary Catladder Installation in Progress

Shown left is temporary catladder to 66m deep Cable Transmission Tunnel as the second escape route in addition to temporary staircase.